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Gano Excel Australia

Gano Excel Australia

Gano Café is the first known "Healthy Coffee" in the World . . . brought to you exclusively by Gano Excel.

Gano Excel Products all contain Ganoderma Lucidum, Reishi Mushroom, Gano Excel Australia, become a Distributor for the worlds first healthy coffee

Gano Café is a delicious, healthy beverage made with great tasting Brazilian coffee beans and Ganoderma extract. This Delicious Tasting Coffee that helps to provide you with more energy and vigor, while reducing fatigue. "The Taste Alone Will Tell You how Good it is".
Gano Cafe the worlds first healthy coffee, rich in ganoderma, Reishi Mushroom

Let us take you on a journey of discovery and introduce you to the world's most powerful herb, the Reishi mushroom (Ganoderma Lucidum), a herb that has impacted greatly on the Asian community for over 4000 years and is doing the same in many other regions of the world, including Australia by bringing health and well being to millions of people.

Known as the king of herbs in Asia, there have been numerous Chinese books, written about Reishi Mushroom throughout the ages. Now there are hundreds of thousands of papers, reports, clinical trials, tests and information on this remarkable herb on the Internet. Simply google search or www.pubmed.org and type in Reishi or Ganoderma and learn more about the amazing health benefits associated with this awesome herb. There is no toxicity with Reishi Mushroom (Ganodaerma), it can be consumed on a daily basis, it has 154 antioxidants in its own right and a near perfect acid + alkaline blood state, registering 7.27. This is extremely important to create & maintain the balance & harmony required for good health and well-being.

Feel the "wow" difference it makes to your own well-being. You won't be disappointed, if you drink coffee, why would you not drink healthy coffee? The taste is as good or better that coffee you are already dinking.

Even more remarkable, is that the way health benefits of the Reishi mushroom are readily available to the public. They are delivered through the fascinating medium of combining the Reishi mushroom with coffee, tea and hot chocolate creating the world's first healthy beverages.

Yes, the coffee is actual Brazilian coffee beans which have been decaffeinated using the water process (chemical free). The coffee tastes great, there is no unusual smell about it and unless you were told otherwise, you would never know you were not drinking your usual favourite coffee. The tea is a non-caffeinated Rooibos tea from South Africa rich in antioxidants. It also tastes great. The drinking chocolate is a high quality smooth Swiss chocolate. A relaxing bedtime drink for children & adults.

Australia has a diet driven health crisis and this is mirrored in many other countries throughout the world.
Every 10 minutes an Australian dies from Cardio Vascular disease.
Every 10 minutes an Australian is diagnosed with diabetes.

One in 3 Australian is affected by cancer in some form.

Australia is the second most obese country in the world.
3 million Australians suffer from Asthma.
Our health is not getting better it is on the decline.

A natural, effective and affordable supplement. The world's 1st healthy coffee, tea and hot chocolate tastes great, contains 165 antioxidants (more than any other supplement on the planet, extremely essential for good health )

We're talking about Gano Excel!
Gano Excel Australia™ is positioned to meet the demands of a busy, modern day society, searching for natural and health-enhancing products. Gano Excel™ offers the consumer drug-free alternatives for optimal health and longevity.

It's NEW To Australia & Expanding Internationally
At A Rapid Rate!

Gano Excel Australia™ now open, making this an excellent Home Business Opportunity, by being at the start of what will STORM Australia!

Gano Excel™ Australia offers an extraordinary opportunity for ordinary people everywhere to help improve their way of life.

This is matched by Gano Excel™ Australia unique Compensation Plan, a program designed to reward Independent Distributors for sharing Ganoderma & other Ganoderma-based products with others.

You can build your own business with very low start-up capital and without putting yourself or anybody else at financial risk. You can do it part-time or full-time, to supplement your present income, or as a tool to generate more income each month.

Firstly, you need to be sponsored by another Gano Excel™ distributor and upon signing up, you will obtain a Gano Excel's™ Australian Starter Kit. This Kit includes the Company profile, Product profile, Marketing Plan and literature on Ganoderma, all of which are for your knowledge to be shared with others.

Growth in your business stems from sharing the Gano Excel™ business opportunity and the uniqueness of its products with other people.

Gano Excel™ is committed to expanding our borders, reaching new horizons, and achieving ever-increasing levels of success. Gano Excel™ has established a long-term business strategy through our relentless commitment and intense desire towards international recognition. It offers the opportunity that will multiply your income by pooling money out of every country that Gano Excel™ has spread its wings to. Led by a management team of professional, innovative and visionary individuals, Gano Excel Australia™ will continue to grow at a high and rapid rate. Teamwork, positive attitude and our dedication to quality are the hallmarks Gano Excel™ strives to achieve every day.

Allow time for download: Business Opportunity Presentation

To become a Gano Excel™ Australia Distributor download forms below then Fax to the number on the form, your Membership & Order along with Payment Details, Please contact me if you need Bank Details for Direct Deposit.

Ad your Sponsors Details, this the person that referred you to this page.

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Sponsor: Daniel Cooper

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Note: the Join form as the Brisbane Office contact details, while the Order Form contains the Sydney Office details, regardless of the office closest to you, all form can be sent to either office, your details along with your sponsors detail are available from both offices.

Send your Membership form along with your first order together, handbook along with distributor membership and product information will be sent along with your first order, 60pv per month is needed to qualify for commissions & rebate.

Gano Excel™ is a growing multi level marketing company that has been a formidable force in the health food industry. Founded in 1995, in the state of Kedah, Malaysia, Gano Excel™ is the premier wellness company dedicated and committed to Ganoderma nutritional immunilogy. Gano Excel™ corporate mission is to change people's lives by providing unique high quality products and a proven business opportunity that empowers people to achieve their dreams, goals and ambitions.

Within a span of less than a decade has spread its networking business wings to 25 countries that includes Australia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Thailand, USA, Canada, India, Indonesia, Singapore, Brunei, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Oman, UAE, Bahrain, Philippines, Hong Kong, Nepal, Bangladesh and Laos. Gano Excel™ is expected to experience an explosive growth in the year 2008 align with its International Perspective of “100 Nations by Year 2010” corporate vision. With its current business operations in the region of Asia, USA, Middle East and Australasia, Gano Excel™ is paving its path to the European and African regions as part of the global expansion plan.

Ganoderma Articles

Posted by AU Network on June 28 2007 12:05:02 8228 Reads · Print
Agnes Water - Town of 1770

Captain Cook Discovery 1770

The Coastal Hideaway Captain Cook Discovered in 1770,
The Discovery Coast, Agnes Water, Town of 1770, Birthplace of Queensland Australia,
Agnes Water, Town of 1770 Location, Between Bundaberg & Gladstone, Central Queensland
Natural Virgin Sub Tropical Coastal Paradise, Gateway To The Southern Great Barrier Reef

Discover Agnes Water - Town of 1770 Direct

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Common Misspelling
Common misspelling of Accommodation

accom, accomadation, accomidation, accomodation, accomodations, accommadation, accommidation, accommodation, accommodations, acomadation, acomidation, acomodation, acommadation, acommidation, acommodation, accomdation, acoomodation

Agnes Water often called Agnes Waters and it is common for Lady Musgrave Island to be called Lady Musgrove Island and Captain Cook to Captian Cook and Capitan Cook or Captan Cook, with the Town of Seventeen Seventy now known as 1770 that would be hard to misspell for anyone. The correct spelling of Bundaburg Queensland, is Bundaberg.

The Great Barrier Reef
The Great Barrier Reef

The Great Barrier Reef runs along the Australian Queensland Coast, there are many towns from Central Queensland to Far North Queensland that offer Great Barrier Reef tours, such as fishing, scuba diving, snorkelling, cruises to Great Barrier Reef Islands, even Reef Walking and Surfing, some Islands on the Great Barrier Reef offer accommodation from Resort Style to Camping. The Southern End of the Great Barrier Reef begins from the Town of 1770 on the Queensland Discovery Coast, and extends North past Cairns, Port Douglas and Cook Town.

You will find places on this site that offer all of the above on The Great Barrier Reef as well as inland Rural areas, such as Mining Towns, Farm Stays and National Parkes, Gorges, Mountian Retreats and Beachside Towns. Use the Navigation links & Directories, if you prefer an other Langauge besides English you can click on your Counties Flag on the top right to translate all pages on Lets Connect to your prferred langauge.

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Agnes Water - 1770
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Town of 1770
ady Musgrave Island Cruises Great Barrier Reef - Town of 1770
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